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my name is Louise and I
have this thing with flowers...

Forever inspired by nature and the changing seasons.

I love to design with locally grown, scented flowers and work closely with my growers in Perthshire to get the very best, seasonally available flowers for my customers.

With a background in fashion design and textiles, I went on to train at the Tallulah Rose School of Flowers where I fell in love with British flowers.

I work in a sustainable way as much as possible, creating flowers in my signature style -graceful, natural, and romantic. I adore incorporating texture with wiggly stems, dried treasures and foraged finds into my work.

I am in the studion making a spring bridal bouquet. I have my back to the camera and i'm choosing flowers
I'm at the work bench preparing a selection of spring flowers for a bridal bouquet. There are vases of flowers on a table against the wall.
I am putting silk ribbon around the spring bridal bouquet. There are peach, blush, creamy yellow and green flowers including daffodils, hellebores, ranunculus and blossom in the bouquet
I am making a natural bridal bouquet with scottish flowers and holding it up against the studio wall to check the placement  of flowers
I am holding a finished bridal bouquet with Scottish spring flowers and a peach silk ribbon. Flowers include creamy daffodil, peach ranunculus and plum hellebores
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