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Autumn is here! Lets plan your wedding flowers...

Those who know me, know that I LOVE autumn..

The smell in the air, changing colours of nature, the nights drawing in, candlelight, cosy blankets... gimme gimme gimme!

I love the natural shift into rich colours and tones. Add in crispy textures and twinkling candlelight and I'm in my element.


Planning an autumn wedding? Lets chat flowers...

Well I love a creative autumn wedding brief. Think beautiful tablescapes, leafy installations and crispy treasures.

So you're getting married in the autumn? - here are some of my top tips...

Have an installation like a mantlepiece arrangement or archway backdrop

This creates a real WOW factor for your ceremony and we can utilise lots of seasonal ingredients including leafy branches, golden bracken and dried treasures like honesty, bupleurum (a newly discovered favourite!) and teasels. The most perfect backdrop for your photos.

Birch & Bloom

Birch & Bloom

Create a beautiful flowing tablescape

Include rich coloured fabric for napkins or table runners. Consider using fruit on the tables such as crab apples, plums or pears for a rustic but opulent vibe. Use brass candlesticks in various heights with elegant taper candles to add twinkling light and warmth - they create such a romantic and cosy feel **more of these briefs please and thank you!


Opt for seasonal flowers

Use nature as your guide and choose flowers that are locally available (if you can) at the time of your wedding. This is not only a sustainable option but also, flowers grown and picked when they are naturally flourishing are bigger, more robust and therefore, more beautiful!

Your wedding will be forever anchored in the season you chose to be married ~

Birch & Bloom

My autumn picks

Dahlia ~ my hero flower of the season. Comes in all different shapes, sizes and colours. Grows all the way until the first frosts in October.

Rudbeckia ~ I love this beauty for all the warm tones it comes in, from burgundy, and chocolate to rust.

Japanese anemone ~ a favourite dancing flower. Great for adding some movement and fun to your arrangements.

I hope I've provided you with some autumn floral inspiration for your own wedding.

Please get in touch to find out about our 2024/25 availability.

Louise x


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